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My opinion about tattoos -2

Scritto da Elena, 2CL il 20 Dicembre 2010.

A tattoo can be a drawing, a sentence, a word or a symbol that a person decides to draw on his skin. A tattoo can have different meanings and whoever decides to wear one, probably wants to mark a period of his life, a passion or something really important for her/ him. Other people want to do it because it is fashionable or  just because some of their  friends already wear one.
A tattoo becomes a part of a person, and it will last forever, so it is a difficult choice to make: you have to be sure that you will not regret it. Ffor these reasons people usually wear “generic” tattoos (such as a star or a flower) because, apparently, they do not have any  particular meanings for other people, and only the owner knows their story. 
I think that tattoos are something good (when they have got a “deep” meaning for the person who wears them) because in some ways they are a form of art, and represent something personal, really important that people want to reveal about themselves. Hewever, I do not like a person whose body is  completely covered by tattoos, but I think that everyone should do what he or she wants..In class we read  about a 15 year old American girl who was suspended because the school rules prohibited tattoos. I do not agree with that decision, because I think that people should be free to wear what they want. I agree more with the girl who refused to change her look, because it was a question of personal freedom. I would like to wear a little tattoo, or maybe two, when I am older; now I am not sure of what I want to do and I am not ready for a tattoo yet.

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