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Scritto da Classe 2BL il 15 Giugno 2010.

We probably should ask someone to help us to find a proper introduction, because the only thing we can say is: “Oh my God!”. Just too many emotions come together in such a short time. Wonderful places, wonderful school, wonderful landscape, wonderful families and wonderful time! Unfortunately the beginning wasn’t so easy for us all. Because, you know, it’s a new place, a new culture, it was raining, it was freezing cold and we weren’t dressed up enough so it took a bit to face that situation.
Anyway,  it was an amazing experience for everybody, we think. The food wasn’t as bad as we were told and it was surprising to actually taste good things! It also took a bit to get confident and to speak to the family, and it was so funny to look at their face while we were trying to make ourselves understood as clearly  as we could. “What the hell are you talking about?!”, they always seemed  to think!

Moreover, during this school trip we made a lot of new friends and that’s always a good thing! Also living with another person that is not part of your family and without parents, helped us to become more  independent. We’ve had a lot of fun and the excursions were amazing! The one that we liked most was London, obviously! London is a wonderful and amazing town, so full of history and so fascinating that now everyone would like to live there! And, also, it seems the centre of the world for those who are not used to the big cities. It was amazing to see all those sights and people and shops, of course!
We cannot forget the other nice places we visited:  for example, visiting  Bodiam Castle left us all breathless! There’s not much more to say about it, this was such an amazing school trip that  we can’t find the words to describe it. Just looking forward to going  back there as soon as possible!

Furlanetto, Vello, Guglielmi, Masolin e Nzong

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